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Bangkok Thailand


A Place of Hope

Our Plan:

At Beginnings we seek to address the needs of the whole person: body, soul and spirit

Physical (body):
a. Room and board
b. Medical examination and follow up
c. Health clinics to discuss nutrition and general health



Emotional (soul):
a. Individual counseling
b. Units of study on topics such as grief, anger, identity, depression, anxiety and fear
c. A safe, loving environment where wounds can be healed




Spiritual (spirit):
a. Consistent Bible study
b. Mission trips to orphanages and the hill tribe poor
c. Attendance at retreats, conferences and Sunday worship





Education is our focus. We build capacity in each of our residents both formally and non-formally.

Formal education:
a. Each resident is encouraged to complete their grade 12 certificate
b. When appropriate our residents may complete University
c. When University is not appropriate, residents attend vocational training courses
d. Some attend Bible school




Non-formal education (at Beginnings):
a. Computer literacy
b. Conflict resolution
c. Budgeting
d. Parenting
e. Child Development
f.  English

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Home of New Beginnings, P O Box 1300, Nanathai, Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand