The Pattaya Project

A once sleepy little fishing village became a pit of sexual horrors. Over 30,000 people are sold for sex in Pattaya, Thailand. Women from Europe, Russia, Africa, and Asia, work in bars and brothels to serve men who fly across the globe to this sex capital of the world.

Trafficked, trapped by poverty and cultural pressures, and lacking education, they are left without hope, stuck in this multi-billion dollar sex industry, with no way to escape.

Home of New Beginnings is helping women escape the sex industry.

After over 9 years of caring for vulnerable and sexually abused young women in Bangkok, Home of New Beginnings will open a second home in Pattaya.

As women “age out” of the sex industry (ages 30-35), their teenage daughters will take over their work in bars and brothels to support the family. Home of New Beginnings has a vision to end this cycle.

The Pattaya home will offer employment to the mothers of these at-risk girls in the restaurant located on-site, with housing for up to 8 young girls.The home is focused on prevention, providing a place for girls before they are forced to work in the sex industry.

More than just a place to live, the Pattaya home will support women through high school, provide scholarships for university, and give vocational training, bringing hope where there once was none.

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Our Mission

Home of New Beginnings provides women who desire to start new with the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational support they need to break out of sexual slavery.