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Our Celebrations:

Pin (not her real name): Pin's father left her mother before Pin was born. She was born in a remote rural village in the north by the Laos border. Her mother died when she was four. She went to live with her grandmother in a neighboring village. When she was ten her grandmother became ill and Pin cared for her until she died when Pin was 13. She went to live with her grandfather who abused her sexually. With no where else to go or nothing else to do, she set off for Bangkok to find work. She was very sweet, and had a lovely face and petite body so had no difficulty finding Western men to serve. Pin has never been to school and is unregistered so does not have any of the privileges of Thai citizenship which include medical care and schooling. She came to English class for several weeks. It was VERY difficult for her as she could not read or write in Thai either. She came to live at Beginnings and worked on Thai literacy as well as vocational training. Her desire is to continue to know more about Jesus and return to her village to share the good news.

Gao (not her real name) was 15 when she came to Bangkok. Her father left her mother when her mother was pregnant. Her mother remarried when Gao was eleven and she did not have a good relationship with him. When she was fifteen she came to Bangkok to work in a factory and send money back to her mother. She is the oldest, with two younger step-sisters. At sixteen, she met and married a man from her village who had also come to Bangkok. He drank and gambled and beat her regularly. Twice in the hospital, when he attacked her severely the third time, she fled for her life. She became a street walker. She has a ninth grade education . She was on the streets just three months. She was tired, desperate and lonely and came to our English class and then moved in. She has discovered hope in Jesus and is finishing high school. She has also discovered that she is HIV positive. Pray for her.

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